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Nostalgic Chinese Kung-fu Series

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There was a time when I used to stick with TV to watch these series. Yeah, these ancient Chinese kung-fu drama series. As far as I can remember I must have been in my class 8 or 9. Though these were made by a Hongkong based company called TVB, they were also dubbed in hindi and so we could understand what they were saying. An Indian channel called Home TV used to broadcast these series in Nepal (and also in India I guess). But later suddenly this channel disappeared. Since then I have missed these series. Well yes, they look bit childish and some action sequences are not so breathtaking, but still I enjoyed them a lot.

After so many years, I happened to find them over the Internet. Unfortunately they are were only in Chinese. But even though I could not understand them, I was feeling very nostalgic as watched them. I felt, I was taken back into my past. It did a job of some kind of time machine.

Same might be the case with you. So, if you had enjoyed these series during your childhood and/or you want to take a look at these now, then I have searched a few sites where you can watch them again.

The Zu Mountain Saga

1. The Zu Mountain Saga:

The Blood Stained Intrigue

2. The blood stained intrigue:

3. Land of the condors:

Hope you also enjoy watching these exciting (though maybe bit childish) Chinese series.


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May 30, 2008 at 9:45 am

Republic? What does that mean and why?

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Today Nepal is declared federal republic. This day onwards, king will be no different than a common citizen. He will not get any perks or any other special facilities than a common citizen. The Narayanhity royal palace will be turned into a national museum or used in national interest as deemed necessary by the government. The major political parties agreed to establish constitutional president and executive prime minister and bring about necessary changes in the interim constitution for this purpose.

But now what? What is next for Nepal? Obviously, we need to understand what being republic means. We should be able to withstand the challenges ahead. Many people argue that this is just victory of Maoists. So the question is, is it truly a victory of Nepali people? Can Nepali people really prosper so forth?

I do not have firm political knowledge and I consider myself to be politically unaware. But in my opinion problem is not monarchy or republic or anything else. Only thing that has become positive now, is for those in power. The corrupted ministers of Nepal and so called Maoists are the ones who are about to prosper. And quite frankly I also think it is mainly the victory of Maoists. Political parties and Maoists are very happy right now that their struggle has been successful. But don’t you think it was also because of king’s step that acted as an excellent catalyst to all these. If the king had not started autocratic rule, then republic would have been still far away. So, how come it is only because of struggle of Maoists or political parties?

The corrupted ministers of Nepal are never going to do anything good for the country. That is one thing which I am more than sure. And Maoists, they only know how to use force. This so called YCL is an example of this. For a rule to be autocratic, it always does not require monarchy to be involved. Maoists can be autocratic too and especially with the force. Nonetheless, I hope that never happens.

Now back to my question, can Nepali people really prosper so forth? Well as a commoner, I think Nepali people can prosper or can contribute to the nation only when they realize their responsibilities. Today, with an exception to a handful of people, many able people are still struggling only for the benefit of themselves. Meanwhile unable ones, think that someone else will provide them with necessary grounds. They think government is responsible for providing them with job and everything else. Well yes, government is responsible for education and many sorts of development in the country but citizens should also fell responsibility. We should not think that someone else will provide us with the basics. I think one of the problems with Nepal is that many Nepali people do not feel their own responsibilities.

Regarding considering the republic, as a victory of Nepali people or of Maoists, well in my opinion, this is yet to be decided. If the state of fear is eliminated from the hearts of common people then it would be victory of Nepali people. One of the roots of this fear is, of course, Maoists themselves. If the donations from foreign are properly utilized into the development activities and leakages controlled, then it would be victory of Nepali people. If the education, at least up-to the secondary level in ensured for every citizen then it would be victory of Nepali people. If the law and order are put into practice, at least to some extent, then it would be victory of Nepali people. Well there are many such basic things, for which government is responsible. But at bare minimum, if the government is able to provide an environment where a commoner can practice his/her rights at the fullest then it would be victory of Nepali people.

And the celebration, what about that? Do you think celebrating for republic, right now itself, makes any sense? Are the people really understanding what this means and what could be the implications? I am in Trondheim right now and NEST (Nepalese Society of Trondheim) has also organized a similar celebration party. But I think without understanding the implications of republic, this type of celebrations are worthless. They are only excuse for a merry making. Having said this, you may ask, if I joined the celebration. Well I did not. And the reason, I have just mentioned it.

I will celebrate if the new Nepal becomes prosperous (at least to some extent, or at least shows some signs towards it). I will celebrate if the political leaders realize their responsibilities. I will celebrate if the Maoists give up their weapons and terrorist activities. And I will be really happy if I am also able to contribute something in development of my Nepal.

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May 28, 2008 at 7:51 pm

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Messed-up exam preparation

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Its about midnight. It has been 3 days and still my preparation for the next exam is going on. This semester I am feeling the subjects bit tougher to prepare with examination point of view. Even with 3 days preparation, I have still not been able to figure the head and tail of the subject. As I look at the previous exam papers, I get puzzled. It is not that I am studying this subject just before exam, no not at all. But still, when the exam comes into my mind, I start to feel nervous. I think it is because I was not able to do good in previous paper. That exam was the toughest exam I ever had. I am hoping to get just the pass marks on that one.

But man I need to chill out and concentrate on this one. I need A grade in at least one subject. I hope tomorrow morning I will feel fresh and with a “take it easy” mind I can prepare properly.

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May 25, 2008 at 9:54 pm

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On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti

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No Matter Where You Read It

Or Who Said It

No Matter If I have Said It

Believe Nothing…

Unless It Agrees With Your Own Reason

And Your Own Common Sense

                                                   -Gautam Buddha

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May 20, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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2nd semester exam starts tomorrow

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Exam of second semester here at NTNU starts from tomorrow with “Service and Resource Management”. I think I have done a good preparation. Looking at the old question papers, it seems the exam will not be very tuff. If the question pattern does not change drastically, the tomorrow’s exam will be very smooth.

Last semester I got A in only two subject. In rest of the two subjects I got only average grade i.e. C. Some of my friends, even got F. I convinced myself by comparing myself to those getting F. In Nepal, grades are not of much value unless it is for academic competitions. Companies do not give any importance to grades. But here outside the story is completely different. Almost all the companies look at your grades also, and not just your CV. In Nepal, I believe the question pattern is the main reason that grades are not getting any value. The questions asked in the exam measure only the memory capacity of the student, rather than the knowledge. As a result, the grades have lost their value.

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May 18, 2008 at 7:45 pm

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