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NTNU and Trondheim… from the lens of my camera

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Looking at following pictures, Trondheim looks really beautiful. Outdoor pictures of NTNU are also equally good.

I will be taking more pictures and will soon post here. But for now, lets enjoy with these.

Please note that the pictures are randomly ordered.

Credit: My Canon Ixus 70 🙂


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July 26, 2008 at 9:25 pm

Landscape of memory – Vintage pictures of Kathmandu

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We all know how Kathmandu looks these days. Its over crowded, polluted and stinks with sewage. But lets travel into time for a moment and go back around hundred years. Lets see how Kathmandu looked then.

Looking at following pictures, one can imagine how beautiful and quiet Kathmandu was then. There was no sound pollution and no air pollution and population was definitely limited. I found these pictures in the The links are as below.



Also, in The link is

I liked these pictures so much, that I could not stop myself from downloading them and decorating my blog with them.

So here it goes…

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July 21, 2008 at 11:34 am

The Flash Mind Reader

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The “Flash Mind Reader” game below is a mystery — it seems to work magically, unless you think about it mathematically.

I have put a screenshot. To play the game, just click on it and you will get a swf (Flash) file. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow to embed flash files, so I had to put it this way (i.e. as a link).

The Flash Mind Reader

The Flash Mind Reader

How to play ?

1) Choose any two digit number (i.e., any 2 digit number greater than 9)
2) Add the two digits together
3) Then subtract the total in 2) above from your original number in 1) above

For example if you choose 59: 5+9 = 14.
59 minus 14 will give you your answer (45).

4) Now find your answer on the chart.
5) Concentrate on the symbol beside it.
6) Then click on the crystal ball.
7) It will show you the symbol you are thinking of!

It is guaranteed that to work, until you play it properly i.e. as specified above in steps.

So now what are you thinking ?

I know, what you are thinking. How in the hell is this possible? Well its nothing more than a very very very simple mathematics.

I also have solution for this. But please try it first yourself. Because, once you have looked at the solution, all the fun will vanish. Click here to get the solution.


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July 19, 2008 at 8:58 pm

Writing article on programming is more tedious than programming

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I have been programming for many years now. Initially as a rookie enthusiastic, then as software engineer, and now also as a freelancer. All these days, I have found immense help from several online articles, code samples and technical forums. I had also thought for many times about writing my own articles and tutorials. But, that always remained just in the thought. However, with the launch of Developers’s Point, my technical blog, I have been writing technical articles in form of blog posts. Some of the articles/posts are just collection or abridged version of other’s work. In those cases, I have given them credit.

Well, yes, programming is a little bit difficult thing. You have to be sure of many things. It is not just writing codes. When you are programming, you are actually implementing a design, you are building a system that can and will affect many things in surrounding. So, programming is not just merely writing codes and debugging them. But, now I have understood that writing article on any particular programming topic or making a tutorial is even a harder and tedious thing. Today, I was writing an article on COM programming for Developer’s Point and it took me about 4 hours to complete my tutorial. Yesterday, I tried that code to make sure it works and it had taken around 1/2 hour for me to do that. But just see, it took 1/2 hour for programming, while nearly 4 hours to write article on it. Writing article is definitely more tedious than actual programming.

All these years, I have been only enjoying the articles written by others. I was not realizing how tedious it would have been to write article as clearly and as in depth as they were. However, now, I am also writing some of the articles and finally, I also have been able to help other programmers like myself. When I see the hits increasing day by day and the encouraging comments that I get, I find a great self satisfaction. Its even better experience than earning money by writing codes.

Knowledge is for sharing.

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July 19, 2008 at 7:52 pm

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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Answers to this question from various renowned people are as below.

René Descartes: To get to the other side.

PlatĂłn: For his own good. In the other side of the road he will find the truth.

Aristoteles: It’s in the ckicken’s nature to corss the roads.

Karl Marx: It was historically unavoidable. It was pushed by the struggle within chicken’s social classes.

Captain Kirk: To get where no chicken has gotten before.

Hipocrates: Has crossed the road because of a pancreatic secression excess.

Martin Luther King Jr.: I had a dream, where all the chickens were free to cross the road without having to justify their acts.

Moses: And god came down and said to the chicken “cross the road”. And the chicken did, and He saw this was good.

Richard Nixon: The ckicken didn’t cross the road, I repeat, THE CHICKEN DIDN’T CROSS THE ROAD!!!

Maquiavelo: The important thing is that the chicken crossed the road. Who cares why he did? the sole fact that he did it justifies any reason he could have had.

Sigmund Freud: The fact that you care why the chicken crossed the road denotes a strong feeling of sexual insecurity in you.

Fidel Castro: He is an authenthical revolutionary. The road, symbol of imperialistic ostacles, is not enough to stop him from crossing and manifest the eternity of the Revolucion.

Bill Gates: we’ve just launched or new software “officechicken2008” that, besides of crossing roads, can take care of eggs, file important documents and more….

Buddah: Asking yourself such a thing, is complaining about your own chicken nature.

Bill Clinton: I swear under the constitution that i had nothing with that chicken.

Albert Einstein: The fact that the chicken is crossing the road, or the road is moving below the chicken is very relative.

Stalin: The chicken must be eliminated at once. Also, the witnesses of such a scene and 10 random people for not being able to prevent this subversive act.

George W. Bush: The fact that the chicken crossed the road with all impunity despote UN resolutions represents a severe attack to democracy, justice and liberty. This proves, without a doubt, that we should have thown bombs all over that road a while ago. With the objective of protecting the peace in that region, and to prevent that the values we defend could be attacked again by these type of terrorism, the government of the United States of America has decided to send 17 aircraft ships, 46 destroyers, and 154 combat ships, with ground support of 243.000 soldiers and air support of 846 bomber planes, wich mission will be, in name of democracy and freedom, to eliminate every trace of life on chicken farms in 5.000 square miles around, and then make sure, with high-precission missiles, that everything that looks like a chicken farm, can be reduced to ashes, and never challenge our nation again with his arrogance.
We’ve decided too that then, this country will be generously run by our government, who will rebuild chicken farms acording to current normatives of safety, putting in the head a chicken democratically chosen by the USA ambassador. TO finance all this building, we’re just gonna control all the cereal production of the region for the next 30 years, knowing that, local inhabitants will benefit from a preferent tax over a part of the production, in exchange for their absolute cooperation.
In this new country of Justice, Peace and Liberty, we can assure you that there won’t be any more chickens crossing roads, just because there won’t be any roads and the chickens won’t have any legs.


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July 17, 2008 at 3:48 am

Becoming rich… a dream of many

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Do you want to be rich? If someone asks me this question, my answer, without a shadow a doubt, will be YES. And to many people the answer will be the same. Even though, almost all of us dream becoming rich, just a small fraction of us are capable of achieving this dream. Everyone of us are trying everything possible to become rich.

Today, I came across an artice at This seems to be a nice and inspiring article. The starting line says, “Don’t just dream about striking it rich. Learn from those who did“. The article briefly describes eight ways to make money, with the examples of those who have already made it. While you can read the details in the aforementioned website, I would like to list just the eight main points.

$$ Millionaire lesson 1:

Build a strong brand, and don’t be afraid to promote your brand with passion.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 2:

Don’t be afraid to go out on your own if you posses the competence and know people who can help you reach your goal.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 3:

Identify trends and be patient, even if it means waiting a decade to make an investment.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 4:

Success on Internet isn’t serendipitous. Don’t court investors until you have adequate traffic and initial revenue.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 5:

Plan for every long term. Gary gardelli waited two years to get the job he wanted and more than 30 years for the payoff.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 6:

Combining an old way of doing things with a popular new trend will resonate with customers and clients.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 7:

It doesn’t take a fortune to build one. Saving a little at a time is an established path to accumulating wealth.

$$ Millionaire Lesson 8:

Fargo the safe route and find an employer who will help you live up to your potential.


Well these are the 8 tips mentioned as lesson in the website. Of course, these tips sound quite vague (at least to me) , but looking at examples of people who have used it in their life and have become successful, I also wonder if I can become rich too 🙂


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July 16, 2008 at 9:24 am