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I am addicted to “The X Files”

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I don’t remember exactly, but the last time I watched X Files, I must have been in grade 6 or 7. Those days, an Indian channel called “Star TV” used to broadcast the series.┬áBack then, I did not understand any episodes. Yet, I kept myself glued to the TV screen, each night the show was on the air. Without understanding, the story and characters in the series, I fell in love with it. I was not able to watch all the episodes and missed several episodes in between. Nonetheless, each episodes were/are different and as such that was not much of problem.

I think the first episode of X Files, that I watched, was called “Soft Light” from season 2. I can’t expressed how much I liked the episode. I think the reason, I like X Files and the reason millions of people out there like it, is that it deals with some of the most intricate topics that haunt us. It deals with the questions, of whose answers, we were also searching from a long time back. The alien invasion, bio weapons, supernatural are the topics that are yet unanswered. Many people do not even believe they exist. But deep down inside everybody, there is that something that makes people wander around searching answers, searching the proof of their existence.

I have watched all the episodes of X files from season 1 to 7. That will make around 150 episodes or more. There are eleven seasons altogether. I am looking out for DVD of rest of the seasons. But no matter how much I watch, I just can get enough of it.

For now thats it. I will post more on the X Files in days to come.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy some of the stills from different episodes of the series.


Written by prajwalan

December 19, 2008 at 1:03 pm