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It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like any music at all. Music has many forms and varieties. They not only entice our ears but also refresh us and some even touch our soul and inspire us to do something particular. They reflect the culture, religion and history of the place from where they originate.  Hence music from different corners of the globe carry different sense, melody, harmony and notes.

Scientifically, music is an art form with sound as its medium [1]. Therefore, music is composed of sound waves vibrating with different frequencies and pitches [2]. One might wonder the difference between music and noise. While a particular sound pattern may be considered music by some, the same might be regarded as noise by others. However, scientists and researchers have attempted to point out the differences in mathematical terms. One source [3] mentions that “Music is sound with a discrete structure while noise is sound with a continuous structure.” Regardless of the mathematics behind music and noise, one thing is certain: music is what you find amusing and even noise can sometimes be musical to some.

As I write this article, I can hear chirping of birds outside my window. I find it melodious and I would consider it a music. But what about the birds? What are they trying to accomplish by making those sounds? Are they communicating? Or, are they just making some noise? I don’t believe that mathematics can explain that. They could be communicating or making noise, but I am finding it musical. So, noise or vocal communication can also be considered music. It all depends on the listener. There is a saying, beauty lies on the eyes of beholder. I would say something similar for the music also: “Musical value lies on the senses of perceiver”.

We have often heard that music has no language barriers. I believe this is true. Personally speaking, I listen to music from different parts of the world. It really does not matter what culture or religion or race the particular place belongs to.

Following are two links to music from Nepal.

Instrumental 1

Instrumental 2

You can visit the site for more music and songs from Nepal.

Please put links to some good music from your country or other countries you know in the comment below.


Written by prajwalan

May 13, 2010 at 4:01 pm